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I was trained in the early days of computer programming and the first thing we learned to do was define the purpose of a program. It won't hurt if you do this for your story. However, this article is about the next thing we always did. We would create a flow chart to make sure our program did what we wanted it too and did so smoothly.

While in high school, I had been privileged enough to be able to have Personal Computers in the classroom. I was able to be schooled in Mini projects on TRS-80's (fondly called Trash 80's by those who used them) and on the first Apple Computers to enter the marketplace.

Now these above scenarios are only stating for a four person family, of course if there are only two people that would be using this, there would be a cheaper amount, so you can consider making the card cost be enough for one visit or maybe two or three visits. Of course, if the family is five or more, you may want to lean towards the family restaurants, unless you have the dough to spend!

Humans work the same way, if you don't have a priority list, how will you ever decide which process comes first. Maslow attempted to categorize the priority list of all humans in his hierarchy of needs. The problem is all humans aren't all humans. Maslow drilled down to the basic human, not the educated and disciplined human. Some humans can prioritize their life and it won't line up with Maslow's hierarchy of needs. In fact in some situations, people have been know to risk their own life violating all of Maslow's hierarchy of needs in order to help or save another persons life.

Choose a scene card that really sparks your interest and write that scene. You do not have to write your scenes in any particular order. Remember cut and paste is very easy when you are writing C Programs on a computer so just label it scene # according to which card it's on and when you are finished with it you can pick another scene to write. And don't go back over the scene right now. Write it. Save it. And move on to the next one.

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